Day: August 4, 2020

Effects of Untreated Hepatitis C on Your Body Introduction Turning a blind eye to Hep C after being infected is not a wise thing to do and it may cause numerous problems for you. The effects of untreated Hepatitis C on your body can become an enormous burden and you should take advantage of the […]
Hepatitis C Symptoms Introduction It has been found that many people who are infected do not feel any hepatitis C symptoms and therefore may not know that they’ve have been infected by the disease. However, if a person is infected, the incubation period for hepatitis C is from 2 to 6 months after the virus […]
How Do You Get Hepatitis C?   Introduction   The saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ may have contributed directly to the idea of preventive measures against all types of diseases that afflict us all. It makes good sense in terms of conserving time, energy and use of medical resources for public health. More importantly, it stops […]
Is There a Cure for Hepatitis C? Introduction When you do make your first appointment, perhaps the first question you’d want to ask your doctor would be, Is there any cure for Hepatitis C? Which is perfectly understandable and no doubt your doctor would provide you with a detailed explanation of the kind of treatments […]
Introduction To be informed that medication for treating and curing Hepatitis C is available has truly opened window of hope and relief to everyone who have and are suffering from this silent killer disease. However, as with everything else, the most liberating feeling for people is when they know they can afford the treatment costs […]