Hepatitis C treatment

And why I bought my medicine on line

In 2018 I was diagnoised with Hepatitis C, some people call it Hep C or HCV. It was shortly after my diagnoiss that my insurance carrier denied the claim for treatment for the drug Harvoni. To my shock and awe the treatment was going to cost over $85,000 USD.

After discusions with my doctor, I just could not pay for that out of pocket, I’m not sure who in America has that kidn of money laying around or could pay for that, at which point my doctor told me that I was running the risk of death in a few years. Hepatitis C does nto kill you quickly, it damages your liver and causes you other complications down the line and is a slow killer.

After review of a few options, I found Harvoni, the number one treatment for Hepatitis C was available online from India. I was hesitant as I never bought medicine online from India let alone a product that was life saving for me. After doing some research I found that the same product was made by registered Pharmacy Companies but at a much lower price. The price I found made me think for sure this product is fake.

Harvoni Generic from India for Three Months Treatment: 2,000 USD (fix this)
Harvoni from my doctor for Three months Treatment USA: 80,000 USD

How could this be possible, I’ve read all about how the inflated medical care costs in the USA was ruining America, and I can believe that our medical rates are high, but this figure was staggering to me. Is it possible that we, in America pay such a high premium over the rest of the world, and the simple answer is YES.

My insurance denied my health care claim to treat a life threatening virus, Hepatitis C, and my doctor wanted me to pay him over 80,000 USD for the medication when the same product is available online for 2,000 USD or less. 40 times higher in the USA for the same product had me thinking for sure that there must be some mistake or the product was not valid.

But after investigating the companies involved, Cipla and more, I found that the pharmacy industry in India provides the world with majority fo the medicines at a reasonable rate and the more I looked, the more I felt that I could not aforad to not treat myself. I skeptically ordered the medicine Harvoni from an online shop and it arrive dto my door step in a few weeks. Professional packaged and the pills in original containers.

After a three month treatment, I am Hepatitis C clear and free 100% healthy. Do not be fooled into paying your health care professional such high fees. Consider ordering yoru medication on line and saving up to 80% of yoru costs. The few sites I have found trustworht are

I bought my Hep C treatment Harvoni from aipctshop.com and I have returned to get all my acne and antibiotcis and more from them.

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