Costs of Hepatatis c Treatment

There is vaccine to prevent Hepatitis C but there are treatments that can cure most people, the negative aspect however is that the cost to treat Hepatitis (HCV, Hep C) are very high and many insurance companies deny claims for treating Hepatitis C. While Hepatitis C affects over 4 million Americans, and while over half are not aware they have Hepatitis C they are continuing spreading the virus through blood on blood contact. Given the potential outbreak and high growth you would think that the drug costs less however treatment for Hepatitis C is highly expensive.

The main Drugs are:

1.  Harvoni or Ledipasvir – Sofosbuvir
2.  Olysio or Simeprevir
3.  Sovialdi Or Sofosbuvir
4.  Viekira Pak or Ombitasvir Paritaprevir Ritonavir and Dasavuvir

Harvoni or the combination of drugs Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir has an average cost of $1,125 USD per pill, so a 12 week course of treatment would cost over 94,000 USD.

Olysio or simeprevir has an average cost of $790 USD which would result in a 12 week course of over $66,000 USD. However, many doctors prescribe Sofosbuvir or Sovialdi with this to make the total over 150,000 USD.

Sovaldi or Sofosbuvir costs on average 1,000 USD per pill. Making a 12 week course cost over 84,000 USD. Again this product is normally prescribed with another product making the real costs almost double this figure.

Viekira Pak or the drugs Omvitasvir-paritaprevir-ritonavir-dasabuvir, will cost you over 80,000 USD for a 12 week course.

These costs are average, depending on the drug brand name, the pharmacy, the doctors, and the insurance. However over 50% of the American Insurance claims asking for treatment of Hepatitis C are denied by insurance carriers. Not sure private insurance, but Medicaid denied over 35% of all claims and Medicare denied over 15% of all claims.

Given this high decline of treatment makes it understandable that many people do let the treatment of Hepatitis C go with no treatment at all. Luckily in todays day and age there are valid Generic Medications for these available. Our favorite sites to buy treatment for valid Pharmacuetical Grade Generical medications with the equal medicine per pill are as follows:

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At time of writing this article the costs for the above were:


Disclaimer: The information included in this article is intended for entertainment and informational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.